What is SRE?

Special Religious Education SRE, or Scripture, has been a regular part of the public education system in NSW for over 130 years. It is taught by authorised church leaders, volunteers and employed high school SRE teachers from churches in the local community.

What Are The Benefits?

There are many ways that students can benefit from Christian SRE which:

  • Affirms that each young person is unique and of great worth to God
  • Is a foundation for spiritual development
  • Explores the Christian values of faith, humility, generosity, forgiveness and love.
  • Gives young people an overview of core Christian beliefs.
  • Investigates how Christian values and beliefs underpin decision making and quality relationships with others.
  • Assists students in exploring life’s big questions and the journey of faith.

We have the wonderful opportunity of proclaiming the Gospel of Christ in our local high schools Many of the students are hearing the good news clearly for the first time.

We are privileged because many of the students are from other religious and non Christian cultural backgrounds. Yet they have chosen to attend Christian SRE! The God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ has given us an open door in New South Wales and our nation. There are pressures mounting to restrict this teaching of the Bible in our schools In the United States the gospel of Christ and prayer is banned in public education.

In Europe and Britain a person can be prosecuted for causing offence by speaking of Christ in public. There are 53 nations where the Bible is illegal and persecution is severe.