Special Religious Education (SRE) has been part of NSW schooling since 1849. The current NSW Education Act requires that time be allocated for religious education in all government schools, and, in the case of Christian SRE, that this teaching be delivered by authorised persons representing the Christian faith.


SRE allows approved providers, usually from local churches, to enter Government Schools during school hours, and teach about their distinctive beliefs, values and practices. The number of hours and days set aside for SRE each week is determined by each individual school, but there are minimum requirements set by the Government.


KARHCEE works hard to ensure that students at both Kellyville and Rouse Hill high schools receive the highest standard of special religious education in line with board of studies and Generate requirements.


Please select the “Our Curriculum” tab below to see the scope and sequence of the Think Faith programme we teach in our schools. Below you will also find links to our participating Churches, who our teachers are and how you might support the vital ongoing work of KARHCEE.